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    Mayhems bottle feedback

    Has anyone else thought the lid was a little arkward to use when filling up a res with the pump on?

    Its not a massive issue but I found it difficult to initially pour without spilling it on top of the res before correcting the angle and the coolant entering the res. This happened 3-4 times when filling as I had to check how full it was when being pumped round the loop.

    I had a small suggestion which would solve the issue, there are angled (120 degrees?) lids that are similar to what is currently on the bottle at the moment, which would allow users to squeeze the bottle with the feeder already inside the res (and the bottle being upright) without causing any mess or loss of liquid.

    Just a thought :)

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    Senior Member Mayhems's Avatar
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    The problem is the cost , the extra spouts cost me which i don't add onto the over all price of the liquids. Plus the bottles have acutely gone up in price and i all so have to pay for child safety caps separate all this in with keeping the price low isnt a easy task.

    How ever i will look into this and see what we can come up with for you.

    A thought. A small Flexible tube added to the spout this would help. Ill have a mess around and see what i can come up with.

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    It's not 110% perfect but I dunno, I felt it was good enough when filling my loop. Granted, flexible tube would make it easier, but if it'd add to the costs, the way it is right now is fine, imo.

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    premix in a squeezy filling bottle....job done

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    hehe the bottles we use are slightly squeezy hence why i use them. I can get the same bottle as another maker which are cheaper and thicker how ever id prefer to keep mine looking the way they are and have the extra squeezyness.

    I found some saline tubing pretty cheaply in bulk ill try and get a sample and see how that goes. it would add about 10p onto the price which is not massive but if it makes users life easy them its a option. Id rather sell some thing with less profit that people like than sell some thing for more profit that people don't like.

    With the new packaging on the 10ml and 5ml dyes that's already doubling production time of the dyes and little extras like this means more work but hay if every ones happy ill put the extra time in.

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