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    Jul 2010
    I'm curious as to why we choose to watercool.

    Is your prime motivation for:

    Technical obsession

    Or for some other reason ?

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    for peace of mind that i have low temps :)
    silence is important for me also.

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    Jun 2010
    How about equal parts of all those four? But probably the obsession has been my greatest motivation lately :P

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    May 2010
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    As the wise Steve of Speckletech said once. . . .

    Because It's Fun !!!!
    and all the other things you mentioned :)

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    It was actually desperation for me, had to try and stop my system burning out somehow.

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    Overclocking whilst keeping the DbA to the silent end of the scale (rather than fans kicking up when you push an air-cooled system) and also because it's visual pornography of the highest order.

    You can go into anyone's house and see a Mac standing there and the owner with that little sly/smug look on their face because they think they know 'tech' but if you walk into someone's house and see a watercooled custom rig standing there, especially if they've taken the time to make it look just right, then words do not need to be said. Instant respect is transmitted with the truest of geeky sounds (a quick exhalation followed by that sort of half grin with the hehehe/belm noise).

    But I also have to agree with Nemesis due to the fact that I'll be W/Cing my Maximus Formula later today to try and stop the NB overheating due to me dropping a quad in it recently :D

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    Two reasons.

    1) To prove to myself that I could build it. This pc was my first build, learnt to play around with the mobo, overclock, mod the case, use a dremel, solder and now watercool. :D It's been a great learning experience.

    2) The silence. I have an Antec900 beside me, used to sound like an aeroplane when I was trying to keep the temps down. No longer a problem. :cool: I can overclock higher with near silence.
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    I just had to. My graphic card was running waaaay too hot. Now is not going above 50C :D

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    for the lulz :lol:

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    initially it was for overclocking but a hectic and new family life have cut my PC hours (not my xbox COD MW2 gaming though)

    Now it's more for silence seeing as the PC is on 24/7

    plus a lot of it is for kicks and seeing as I'm an Engineer by trade, knocking up a few mounting brackets etc in my manshed :D

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