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    Cosmos S Finally done!

    So i have had my pc parts sat around since july waiting to finally get all my bits together and build something!

    Im happy with how it came out! All watercooling gear supplied by ST OFC! Though im not sure about the red! :( but its in there now so its staying! lol (the sata cable has to be moved linking HDD > Mobo it was too short :( )

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with


    i7 2700k
    ASUS Maximus Extreme IV
    8GB G.skill Ripjaws
    SLI ASUS 560Ti's (Gone once 680's are on pre order!)
    256GB M4 SSD
    Seasonic SS-1000XP 1000w PSU

    All cooled on Push pull fan setups on Rad's 2x120's for CPU 360 for GPU with 1/2" ID tube!

    Thank you for the great service once again! I hope you like it :D I will be back in 2 years! lol...

    RX360 sat ontop with GT fans waiting for 680's to come out.. Do you think 1 RX360 will cool 2 680's keeping in mind they are lower nm cards than 580!

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    The rx360 will cool those two cards fine.

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    SpecialTech Mod Boss B NEGATIVE's Avatar
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    Nice build!
    Your 360 cool those GPU's just fine

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    Senior Member skully's Avatar
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    Nice one Wrexad

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    I would love to have something like this, looks amazing. Nice job!

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    very nice project pal. and very expensive too

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    Which is why i dont like to look at the bank statements :D lol yeah it cost abit and still want to finsh my second loop with a watercooled 680 (or 7xxx depends what has more ram!) But all good fun doing it

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    Wow that looks amazing.... kind of looks 'juicy' [I dont know why but when I look at it it just feels juicy lol] amazing job well done

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrexad View Post
    680 (or 7xxx depends what has more ram!)
    Do you need the extra ram?
    I would focus on overall performance.

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    I think if you game at 1080p (assuming you do play games) then for the future its best to get 2-3gb of Vram as games will start using more and more (BF3 already uses 1.3-1.8) And not to forget that 1440p monitors are becoming more available and cheaper to make an produce and it may start to take over 1080p soon.

    But I love this case... there arent that many cases that you can fit a tripple rad in without breaking your bank (hate the look of the HAF) and I will look to get one of these if im lucky second hand. Or I could just mod my Bitfenix Shinobi, got an idea for it.

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