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    NZXT Sentry 2 Quick Question.

    When the NZXT Sentry 2 is set to manual I know it can't go below 50% otherwise it goes right to 0 I am also certain this is the case for the automatic setting.

    However, when set to automatic mode will it ever go to 0% aka turn the fans off when it feels the tempatures are low enough? Also, do the fans spin to a % in accordance to the tempature you set for that specific fan?

    Thanks in advance. :)
    By the way specialtech is fantastic just checked from TTL's videos and my god you offer the widest range of cooling solutions anywhere.

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    i doubt any fan controller would actually turn the fans off in an automatic mode, wouldnt make sence for it, but then it doesnt make sence that you cant go below 50%

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    Yeah it was weird when I read that it can't go below 50%. It's most probably its only flaw.

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    Stated minimum is 40% when temperature drops below 25c. However, that states 40% fan speed but doesnt say where it gets its figures from, as such I assume (and it really is an assumption) that it will drop voltage to 40%, which doesnt necessarily result in 40% of fan speed. It might be worth noting that a lot of fans will not run at 40% of 12v (4.8v) and a lot of fans have a start voltage somewhere around 7v, so be careful what you pair with it.
    10w/channel is a bit limp too.

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    ordinarily it wouldn't turn the fans off, unless, as already stated the 40% drop below the running voltage of a fan (not the starting voltage as all fans will start up with max volts at start up and then wait for something to tell them to slow down (bios/hardware/software). If you're looking for a unit that will turn fans off when in an automatic mode then the Nesteq MaxZero fits the bill. I reviewed it over on OC3D a while back and was very impressed with it.

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