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    Great service

    I thought I'd drop a line on here to say hello to one and all, and to say, that I've recently been the victim of great customer service.

    The event occurred on 1st Feb where I was lured to purchase some watercooling bits (fittings, hose, clamps etc). I headed over to my usual haunts (Scan and Overclockers) to look for the same bits I'd bought before Xmas, only to find that their range of watercooling bits had reduced, and that the components I sought were not available.

    I moseyed on over to Specialtech where I recently bought (paid for it 3 weeks before it arrived in Jan... To cut a long story short the 450X2 Koolance res. was listed by Specialtech on Ebay, but none were in stock, so after it eventually arrived I left less than "the best" feedback.... sorry!) some bits, and picked out £35 worth of bits, and then paid for the next day delivery service. After the last debacle, "at least this way it'll be here by the weekend" thought cynical me..... Well to cut a long story short, all bits were sat on my table at work signed sealed and delivered, picked correctly by about 9:30 this morning.

    I just wanted to say, credit where credit's due, thanks Specialtech - I didn't even realise you had a forum until yesterday, but I'm sorry for the positive feedback, but with the negative comments on ebay.

    Oh, the free shipping when I do qualify for it, will definitely swing business your way. I've spent a fortune over at Scan since they offered it with contributors, and they rarely have the stuff I'm after - like wot you do.

    Basically, all this amounts to a "well done, and keep up the good work".

    Thanks! Look forward to seeing more of you good folk around.

    ... and please don't stick any pencils up your nose and headbutt the table when the Koolance order is delayed. It's only a bloody reservoir! :)

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    Hi Tattysnuc.

    Make yourself at home, nice little write up as well i enjoyed reading that.

    Also if you love us even more we have a reseller page thingy,


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    I couldn't find a pencil sharpener so never did get round to that :D (it'd been one of those weeks/fortnights)

    thanks for the positive feedback especially after the mistake with the Koolance Res.

    Hope you stick around as we are friendly bunch here.

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    When i first bought from ST they messed up a few things but were quick to rectify them so it all turned out well in the end, i have bought many things from them now and haven't had a problem since.

    I seem to remember buying a GTX 295 with a water block from you some time ago on ebay? It's been sold on again now but served me well for a good 4 months.

    Anyway, welcome mate!

    :D :D :D

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    Wow! There's a blast from the past! My old eVGA GTX 295 Hydro Copper ebayer! Small world! Glad to see it went to a good home. I'm still rebuilding my rigs, and waiting to pop a 2nd GTX 295 into my main folding rig (I was going GTX 480 instead, but ended up maxing out my credit card and getting a second unit as I found a i7 980x on ebay for significantly less that full price). Bought a second GTX 295 to go in that folding rig, but it didn;t work once I popped the water block on, and I've not got round to fixing it (wish I could say I could afford to have £200 worth of gfx card sitting around doing nothing!)

    Thanks folks for such a warm welcome.

    I'll have a read through the other folks build logs as I'm in the middle of a re-homing project for my RIIE rig, starting at lunchtime.

    Ayd - Glad you couldn't find a sharpener! :) The scene you painted leaves me cringing like the one in American History X where the guy "eats" the kerb...

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